About Us

Melbourne Multicultural Centre (MMC) is a project of Islamic Practice and Dawah Circle (IPDC) in Victoria. IPDC Incorporated is a registered Australian body with Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). In addition to propagate the basic teachings of Islam, IPDC is involved in a number of community services including advancement of education, eradication of poverty, promotion of better health, improvement of human welfare, quality of life and thereby attain the pleasure of Allah.

MMC is a Masjid and Islamic Centre project of IPDC in Victoria, Australia. It's located at 700 Davis Road at Tarneit, a western suburb of Melbourne metropolitan area. The Wyndham city council has issued us a permit to use the property as a place of worship. The size of the property is 10 Acrs (40,000sq meters), one of the largest (in terms of area) Masjid complexes in Australia, Alhamdulillah. Approved Masjid complex will be used for Islamic activities and services that will benefit whole Australian Community.

Our Objectives

MMC in Melbourne Australia is the basis of identifying community activities and needs within the city in relation to community development and strengthening for all Australians. The main objectives are:

  • Bringing Communities together and enhancing the social integration of Australian communities.
  • Provide a Facility that inspires the wider members of the community to a true sense of identity and belongings.
  • Sustained effort to increase involvement and partnership among members of the community to achieve common goals through community strengthening.
  • Build a cohesive and harmonious community for all Australians through the empowerment of various ethnic groups in Victoria.
  • Representation of the community through advocacy, consultation and cooperation with the governments and the general public.
  • Promotion of an accurate, informed and positive understanding of community needs and issues that important to the community.
  • Advocacy with respect to the civil and human rights of all Australians.
  • Promotion of understanding, cooperation, tolerance and respect between all Australians.
  • Empowerment and encouragement of the community to continue to be actively, responsibly and positively integrated into mainstream Australian society.
  • Provision of special services to improve the welfare of disadvantaged groups in the community.
  • Capacity development within the community in the areas of education and training to facilitate and enhance community strengthening.
  • Facilitation of cooperation, unity and positive working relationships with the wider Australian community.

Our Journey


We seeded our dream! We bought a 5 Acr property in Avalon (Victoria, Australia) with AUD 500K. Muslim community in Australia came forward to raise AUD 500K to settle the property.


We applied to the local City Council for a permit of Assembly for Avalon property. Our town planner provided all required papers and information. Masjid and Islamic Centre building plan was ready and we were set to go. However, council received around 50 objections from neighbours. After few months waiting, council rejected our application to use Avalon property as a place or Assembly.

We escalated our application to VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal). VCAT authority listened to us and objections. But VCAT finally rejected our dream to establish a Masjid and Islamic centre in Avalon! Our heart was broken, tear was shaded and emotion was destructed! Alhamdulillah patience and dependency on Allah's Mercy was still alive!


By the grace of Almighty, on October 09, 2015 Wyndham City Council issued a permit for Place of Worship for 700 Davis Road. ALLAHU AKBAR!